ScreenCaptCoord FAQ
Why this program?
Because the other programs which do that are sharewares. There many program which magnify a part of the screen but they don't display mouse coordinates, and they don't measure the pixels on the screen.
The ScreenCapture I found didn't allow to quicly change Dpi, dimensions and saved format. I didn't find neither quick crop.
How to launch Magnify?
Search and download a magnify software on MacUpdate (or download Pixie, an app from Apple's Developer tools) and select it from the file menu. If you check the checkbox it will be launch at the same time of ScreenCaptCoord.
How to crop a picture?
As explained in the About window, hold down the Alt key while you click and drag in order to draw a rectangle.
You can hide the Capture window from the menu, or closing it while holding down the Maj key.
You can avoid the deleting of the ScreenCapture holding down Alt and Ctrl keys while doing the ScreenCapture (when you take the ScreenShot, the file is erased and recreated only when you save it).
Where are older versions? How to know which version of Xojo built the application?
Click Old Versions which run on previous systems. Go to the Help menu to display a dialog box with the version of Xojo which built the application (sometimes I rebuild the application with the last Xojo version without changing the application version).
Where is Email Contact to the developer?
You can find it in the About window of the program, you can also click on the bird on the Home web page. I always answer. If I don't answer you, it's because your email was considered as spam, please try again with the name of my program in the subject.
Automatically check for updates, when?
At each launch of the application, once a day.
Where is the Preferences folder?
The Preferences folder is "Application Support" folder in your Library folder of your home folder : "~:Library:Application Support:fr.Toroco.ScreenCaptCoord Datas".
I can't launch the app because of message " is made by an unknown developer and can’t be opened", what can I do?
Do a right-click on the application, then select the menu to launch it, or to allow it. Another solution is to allow all applications, open System Preferences (in the Apple menu in the upper left corner), then "Security and Privacy", and in Tab "General", unlock the padlock and click on "from anywhere" in "Authorize applications downloaded from".
How can I get rid of the donation reminder window?
I suppose you already donated for this program and you changed your system. Just click the "I've already donated!" button, or cick the "Donate" button and don't do anything more, don't fill in the PayPal window opened with Safari.
I donated but I never received any email from you?
Please check my email isn't considered as spam. And please note that I manage donations manually. It could take some time if I'm not at home (holiday, work, etc.).
How to localize (translate) your application?
Please read this page about Lingua documentation.
How to run the Source code (project) of your application?
Please read this page about Xojo Source code (project) Documentation. It could be useful to help me to correct a bug found by users.
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