ManageNameExt FAQ
Why change or add an extension?
I did this program when I update from Mac OS 8.6 to Mac OS X. It can be useful in some case.
Why change the case of an extension?
For the internet link, a link to "MyPhoto.jpg" won't work if the name of my file is "MyPhoto.JPG".
How set the modification date to a specific date?
Click "Date and time" and then the small watch button to choose a date. Or select "±" and modify the number of seconds to ajust the date value.
How replace all occurence?
To replace all instances, enter ":" before the searched text.
How replace the full name?
To replace the full name, enter only ":" in the searched text.
How prefix or suffix with a number?
You can prefix and/or suffix the name with the number entering as many ":" as digits you need. You can set the number to be added (or subtracted) to this number. You can reassign the line number following the current sort in order to, for example, prefix by date sorting.
I have error when I rename a folder and its content?
If you rename the parent folder before its content items, you will have an error as the pathof them has changed. To avoid that, sort the list by the path and click the button to re-index the list (with up and dwon arrow).
I set the icon size to a value but it didn't change, why?
Because icon size must be set by step. Open the "Show View Options" menu of the "View" menu to see which values are valid moving the slider.
How to set when to delete the List and/or reset settings (like previous version)?
Now the contextual menudoes not appear anymore with a single click on the DeleteList or ResetSettings button, you have to Ctrl-Click (contextual clic) in order to show the contextual menu.
How to select invisible item?
Press Alt or Ctrl key while selecting the menu.
You can't make visible an item which begin with a dot "." or an item already visible, as you can't make invisible an item which already is.
How to restore the column widths by default?
Move the pointer just to the reorder list button, a helptag will appear.
What is the special function?
I use it to batch create the text files which contain the SHA-256 Checksum of the files (Zip) I upload on my website. Each program to download have its SHA-256 Checksum file.
   •≠ : Ok, File saved with the new SHA-256 Checksum
   ◊= : Ok The SHA-256 Checksum was identical (File not saved)
   #r : Error while reading file
   #w : Error while writing file
   #≠ : This is not the good file
   #* : Error calculating the SHA-256 Checksum
   #? : File can not be found
How can I run as Administrator?
To run in Admin mode, select the “Quit” menu while holding down the Alt-Key. The App will relaunch asking your admin password. Please note that a script “LaunchModAdminB” will remain in the Dock and that the window of the App will be pink while you're in Admin mode.
Where are older versions? How to know which version of Xojo built the application?
Click Old Versions which run on previous system. Go on the Help menu to display a dialog box with the version of Xojo which built the application (sometimes I re-build application with last Xojo version without changed the application version).
Where is Email Contact?
You can find it in the About window of the program, you can also click on the bird on the Home web page. I always aswer, then if I didn't answer you, it's because your email was considered as spam, please try again with the name of my program in the subject.
Automatically check for updates, when?
At each launch of the application, once a day.
Where is the Preferences folder?
The Preferences folder is "Application Support" folder in your Library folder of your home folder : "~:Library:Application Support:fr.Toroco.ManageNameExt Datas".
I can't launch the app because of message " is made by an unknown developer and can’t be openend", what can I do?
Do a right-clic on the application, then select the menu to launch it, or to allow it. Another solution is to allow all applications, open System Preferences (in the Apple menu in the upper left corner), then "Security and Privacy", and in Tab "General", unlock the padlock and click on "from anywhere" in "Autorise applications downloaded from".
How can I get rid of the reminder window donation?
I suppose you already donate for this program and you changed your system. Just click the donate button and don't do anything more, don't fill the PayPal window opened with Safari.
What happen if I do that without never donate? Eheh, who knows?! No, nothing, I don't do any control.
I donated but I never received any email from you?
Please check my email isn't considered as spam. And please note that I manage donation manually, then it could take some time if I'm not at home (holiday, work etc.).
How to localize (translate) your application?
Please read this page about Lingua documentation.
How to run the Source code (project) of your application?
Please read this page about Xojo Source code (project) Documentation. It could be useful to help me to correct bug.
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