MyPopBarrier FAQ
Which emails will be removed?
All emails with a red dot will be removed, not the gray, not the green, not the selected emails (or if they have a red dot).
How to removed selected emails?
Select your emails then press Shift-Left arrow (all emails will be blank or green) and then press Right arrow to put selected emails in red. Click Purge.
How change the state of an email?
Select your emails then press one of those kesy "V", "B", "SpaceBar", "Left arrow" or "Right arrow". You can also click the small buttons at the bottom right or the small button with the colored dot. Hold down Shift-key to apply to all emails. Read helptags on buttons in the Filters tab to know which key do what.
What is the rule order?
When email arrive the dot is blank. Then:
Look if there’re words to block, if yes -> red dot.
Look if there’re words to let pass, if yes -> green dot (even if there’re words to block or not).
Look if recipient address (To:) is you (email account or alias), if no -> red dot (even if there’re words to let pass) (only if option cheked, read below).
I receive email from diffusion list and MyPopBarrier put them as spam?
Uncheck "Check Recipients" in Filters tab. If this is checked and your address is not in the recipients, the email will be regarded as spam even if there are "Words to let pass" in it.
People write me to my alias and MyPopBarrier put them as spam?
In the preferences of MyPopBarrier, enter your e-mail and then a space and then your alias.
When shoud I click "Authorize (once)" and when "Always authorize"?
After downloaded an update of MyPopbarrier, it will ask for authorization to read password, in this case click "Always authorize". After clicked the § button, the system (security) will ask for authorization, in this case click "Authorize (once)". This is Mac only.
How can I see what MyPopBarrier writes in KeyChain Access?
Just launch KeyChain Access and look for your key, their name begin with "MyPopBarrier …" if it created them. You can read this page about KeyChain Access. This is Mac only.
How to not use KeyChain Access?
Default is yes (use), but it may cause some crash. Hold down Alt and Command key while clicking the § button (focus musn't be on the Password field). KeyChain Access is not used when Preferences movable. This is Mac only.
Does MyPopBarrier read internet keys in KeyChain Access with the port?
Default is no, hold down Alt and Command key while clicking the § button (focus musn't be on the Password field). This is Mac only.
What is Preferences movable for?
It allow you to use MyPopBarrier on any computer with an USB stick. The preferences, then your settings, are saved in the same folder as the application MyPopBarrier, then on your USB stick.
Why does MyPopBarrier use so much CPU?
MyPopBarrier is an old program. At the beginning it could only remove email from one account, and it displayed only source code. Then we added a basic filter, then we tried to decode source code to make it it more readable, then we added multiple accounts, then this and then that. MyPopBarrier needs to be completely rewrite but I have no time and it would be hard. And it works not so bad then….
How can I make it go faster?
Don't add too much words in Filers "Words to block" and "Words to let pass". You can also reduce "Load the xx first lines of the message", 100 is a good value I think.
I have error 103 or other.
Open the preferences and check your settings:
Email Address: Enter your email, it's only use to check recipients.
User Name: MyEmail ID, usually without, but try with it, may be ….
Password: ********* You know it (and NO, MyPopBarrier doesn't send it to me, I've enough to read with my owns emails).
Incoming server: Pop server, it could be or ….
Port: 110 It's the default          SSL Forsecure account.
Enter the same settings as in Mail or Entourage or ….
How to read an IMAP account?
You can't, except if this IMAP account allow POP. In this case configure POP settings.
How can I set a Gmail account?
As for other account, no matter if you use them as IMAP in Apple Mail or other.
How to restore the column widths by default?
Move the pointer just to the right of the two PopupMenus which set the text size, a helptag will appear.
Where can I find other info?
Here are some reviews I found on the web about my program:
Where are older versions? How to know which version of Xojo built the application?
Click Old Versions which run on previous system. Go on the Help menu to display a dialog box with the version of Xojo which built the application (sometimes I re-build application with last Xojo version without changed the application version).
Where is Email Contact?
You can find it in the About window of the program, you can also click on the bird on the Home web page. I always aswer, then if I didn't answer you, it's because your email was considered as spam, please try again with the name of my program in the subject.
Automatically check for updates, when?
At each launch of the application, once a day.
Where is the Preferences file/folder?
The Preferences file/folder is in your Library folder of you home : "~:Library:Preferences:".
I can't launch the app because of message " is made by an unknown developer and can’t be openend", what can I do?
Do a right-clic on the application, then select the menu to launch it, or to allow it. Another solution is to allow all applications, open System Preferences (in the Apple menu in the upper left corner), then "Security and Privacy", and in Tab "General", unlock the padlock and click on "from anywhere" in "Autorise applications downloaded from".
How can I get rid of the reminder window donation?
I suppose you already donate for this program and you changed your system. Just click the donate button and don't do anything more, don't fill the PayPal window opened with Safari.
What happen if I do that without never donate? Eheh, who knows?! No, nothing, I don't do any control.
I donated but I never received any email from you?
Please check my email isn't considered as spam. And please note that I manage donation manually, then it could take some time if I'm not at home (holiday, work etc.).
How to localize (translate) your application?
Please read this page about Lingua documentation.
How to run the Source code (project) of your application?
Please read this page about Xojo Source code (project) Documentation. It could be useful to help me to correct bug.
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